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Who is a Modern Teacher? Learning the 5 characteristics of a Modern Teacher.

Today we are sharing few aptitudes and properties that modern teachers and instructors should have

1. Take part in expert networks
Teachers should see individual and expert advancement as a persistent cycle. Organization with other industry experts by going to schooling meetings and occasions or by joining proficient online networks for teachers. Attending of such workshops and programs add value to yourself.

2. Continue learning
When you join the teaching profession, it means your have agreed to be learning and teaching yourself at all times.

Being an instructor doesn’t mean you should quit teaching yourself. Like with some other calling, there is continually something new to realize when you are a teacher. Current educators should be interested and proactive as far as picking up new aptitudes and information.

3. Understand technology
As a new and modern teacher, you should be good with technology. Because technology is helping in exploring in different ways and also making teaching and learning very easy. As a teacher in a particular field, master all the arts in relation to your field and even above. This will help you to even step in for a different teacher when the need arises.

Since pupils are now acceptable with innovation, it implies that having an interest in various advances will assist you with your lessons.

4. Participation on social media
Social media is gradually growing everyday. Since online learning is now accepted to be part of us, it is good for every modern to be able to use social media platforms such as WhatsApp, zoom, goggle meet, google classroom etc without stress. Using such medium to interact with students and making learning lively via social media.

This medium will help teachers to also interact with parents at home and other profession as well.

5. Know when to take a break
As a modern teacher, you should be able to manage your time properly. The time you should be in the classroom and the time you should be outside. When you need to speed up teaching and even when to slow down or take a break with studies completely.

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