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The New Short Code To Renew Your NHIS Card

Since the time the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Ghana, numerous Ghanaians and even non Ghanaian have limitless admittance to medical care benefits for free.

The beneficial thing about this card was that you can go to any hospital you need in Ghana to get treatment for free. That is the simple part.

The hard part of it is renewing the card when it expires. To renew this card, you need to go to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) office in your area to renew the card.

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There, You would need to join long lines and trust that hours will renew your card. Furthermore, in the event that you are unfortunate and you could not renew the card that day, it implies you need to return the following day to join the line again and when you are fortunate you can renew the card.

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Hence the authority of the National Health Insurance Scheme have established a short code for the renewal through mobile phone. This code helps you to renew at your convenience. The code is *929# on all networks.

Follow these steps to renew your NHIS card.

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1. Dial *929#

2. Select ‘ renew membership’

3. Select NHIS card

4. Enter your card ID number

5. Accept the charges and you are done.

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