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NEW INFO: GES District Offices Directs Newly Posted Teachers.

As preparation for school reopening is underway, newly posted are required to submit all documents to their regional and district offices respectively.

According to checks done by legitnewsroom.com at the Ghana Education Service district offices, all newly posted teachers are to act accordingly to these information from their district without delay to avoid complications.

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1. Report to your school on 15th January 2021 and present two copies of your letters signed by the Regional Director _and stamped/signed by the District_ to your Head (one is for the Circuit Supervisor).

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2. Pick 4copies of Assumption Of Duty dated from 18th January, 2021 onwards. (Earlier ones submitted are null and void!)

3. Go to the district office to complete a New Entrant Form.

These directives must be adhered to strictly.

Source: legitnewsroom.com


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