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Central Region MP Donates Laptops To All Newly Posted Teachers.

The Member of Parliament for Effutu constituency in Central Region Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin made a donation of 40 laptops to 40 newly posted teachers in to his constituency.

“40 newly posted teachers in Effutu who were yet to receive laptops from Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin received theirs today.” Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin

The Member of Parliament for Effutu constituency made mentioned that distribution of laptops in his constituency is under his one teacher – one laptop initiative.

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Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin and newly posted teachers

According to the Member of Parliament, the laptops were presented to the 40 newly posted teachers because they are new in his constituency and have not benefited from his 1 teacher – 1 laptop initiative.

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He affirmed that, by the beginning of the new academic year, Effutu will have 3 new Senior High Schools and 5 libraries fully completed.

He also mentioned few projects he is yet to embark on in his constituency. These includes
1. Building of a new ICT Library
2. Reactivation of the best teacher award scheme
3. Building of toilet facilities in schools
4. Formation of reading clubs in the various schools.

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Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin presenting a laptop

“This will help children to have access to library and develop the habit of leading. Which will lead to library competition in school, in zones and the municipal competition to help pupils.” Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin

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