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All Students Will Move To The Next Class But Not Promoted

School is about reopening and all students will have to report for 2021/2022 academic year. All students will move to the next class but not promoted.

The Director-General talking at Press Briefing checked by Legitnewsroom.com stated: “We don’t want to talk about promotion, but what we want you to know is that they will all move one class ahead”. Director General of Ghana Education Service, Professor Opoku Amankwa stated.

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His explanation came after he was inquired as to whether all students will be promoted to the following class when schools resume on 15th January for basic schools.


So in case you are in class one (1) you will move to class two (2) yet does not mean you have been promoted, the class 1 curriculum that you should have covered that you did not cover, we will make arrangements for you to cover that before you proceed to cover what is in class two. Professor Opoku Amankwa explained.

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We are trusting that COVID-19 won’t divert the academic calendar so when they get to November/December and completing the academic year they will cover what they need to cover to be in class 2 and be prepared the following January 2022 to go to class 3.

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Source: Legitnewsroom.com


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