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5 Reasons Newly Trained Teachers Should Join GNAT.

5 Reasons Why Newly Trained Teachers Should Join GNAT.

As you prepare to start teaching as a professional teacher, your choice of teacher union must be taking with keen interest. Below are 5 reasons why Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) should be considered. Please note that joining GNAT is optional and has it’s benefit. Read and take your decision.

1. Proper decentralization structure. GNAT as an association has decentralized it’s powers to regions, municipalities/districts, circuits and to school communities. This starts from the local executives- district executives – regional executives – national executives. This makes decision taking to be easy for the association as a whole.

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)

2. The oldest and biggest teacher union in Ghana. In Ghana, the oldest and biggest association for teachers is GNAT. GNAT was established in 1960. Also, members are all over Ghana and in every district. This consist of private school teachers, public basic school teachers and secondary school teachers. Even tertiary teachers who are willing and ready to be members can join.

3. GNAT is a major stakeholder in Ghana’s education. Because GNAT is the biggest teachers association, the national executives are always in dialogue with government on educational policies and programs. This include basic and secondly level of education issues. All issues at the local level are forwarded to be captured in the interest of members for better condition of services for teachers in Ghana.

National President, Ghana National Association of Teachers, Ms. Philippa Larsen

4. GNAT teachers fund contributions. As part of their better plans for teachers, GNAT introduced a contribution called GNAT teachers fund contribution established by a Trust Deed in May 1998 as retirement supplement and solidarity scheme for teacher in the union. Currently, it consist of a minimum amount of GHC 50.00 for an interested teacher per month. This amount is charged from source and can be increase upon request. The contribution is paid with interest anything upon request. “Teachers fund; saving today for a brighter tommorow”

5. Enjoyment of GNAT loan. Ghana National Association of Teachers also give loans to members upon request. These loans are with low interest rate as compared to banks. These loans includes personal loan, investment loan, habitat loan and vehicle loan.

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  1. I am a newly trained teacher, but a teacher in de field told me dat de Interest on de Gnat Loans could still come down due to de large number of their members. Yet other teacher unions r using dat as a point to lure us to their side n a lot of de young teachers r buying into dat. So pls if there is something u can look into I think it will be nice.

  2. I personally want to thank GNAT for your hard work so far but also to reminds all the teachers associations to team up and fight for our outstanding arrears since 2013. We have every rightful documents to proof for that arrears so what make’s it difficult to fight for us.
    However, communications at the District level is very poor.
    Am proud to be a GNAT member


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